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Bridal Alteration F.A.Q.

Bridal season is upon us once again! 

Before making an appointment to make your perfect dress even better, please keep in mind that an average gown alteration takes about two months. Depending on how well it fits you, it may take more time.  If you are having your gown dry cleaned, please have it done before you come in for alterations.  If the dry cleaner ruins the dress, you won't be out alteration costs. 

If you aren't sure you want us to alter your gown, please schedule an appointment for a consultation with Patty.  She will examine your gown, determine the needed alterations, and give you an estimate for price.  She will not pin until you have decided on us for alterations.

Most importantly, we ask that all brides acquire shoes and undergarments before fitting.  If you are unsure of a bra, buy several and leave the tags on. We'll help you decide on the best bust for your dress.  If you don't have shoes, we won't be able to hem your dress. It is vital to hem your dress with you wearing the correct shoes, because a half inch can mean all the difference.

Please limit yourself to two guests during your appointment.  We find that too many voices drown out a bride's opinion. We want your vision to come first.

Thank you for considering us!



We are a full service alteration shop located in Central Boulder, specializing in formal wear, menswear and sportswear. 


From jean hems to wedding gowns and everything in between, no job is too big or too small.


Menswear & Sportswear

Our Master Tailor, Patty Elliott has been altering menswear from tuxedos to sportcoats for over 25 years.  And if your pants never seem to fit quite right, Patty can fix that too!

First impressions are important as we all know, so whether you are preparing yourself for that job interview or you are preparing for your big presentation, let us polish your appearance so you look great.  And we all know if you look great, you feel great!



Bridesmaids, let us help you with your alteration needs.  We also have "special ways" to make that "too small dress" fit "just right."

Please call to set up an appointment. We will try to accommodate you as best as possible but during peak season, however please allow two weeks to complete your alterations.  Remember to bring your shoes and undergarments with your dress to insure a proper fit.




And cyclists - get an edge over your competition. 

You can now get quality repairs and alterations for a better fit for your sports clothing.  My new cover stitch sewing machine and my industrial serger will produce more professional results. 

We do offer rush services on any of the items above, but please call ahead to check our availability.



Walk-ins are always welcome. However, please call ahead to make sure we can accomodate you.


See you soon,



We specialize in restyling and altering Vintage Clothing.

Many brides chose to wear a gown that is an heirloom.  Maybe it was worn

by a Grandmother or an Aunt, but the fit of the garment is hardly every perfect off the hanger. 


We have creative ideas about how to reconstruct the Vintage Garments for wearing ease

without destroying the integrity of the heirloom garment.


Every effort is taken to insure that the historical value of the hierloom garment is not compromised.


Whether you want an update or just a repair, you can feel confident that your

Vintage Clothing is in good hands at Patty Elliott's Place.




Be Green - Reduce, Reuse, Recycled

These are words you often hear these days. 

Let me help you Reduce the clutter of unworn garments in your closet. 

If a blouse or jacket never feels quite right when you put it on,

chances are you will never wear it.  If the garment feels good and looks good, you will wear it again and again.


You can Reuse your not quite favorite garments by recreating a new style. 

Maybe you don't like the sleeves on a jacket, let's take them off and create a vest! 


We can help you think outside of the box! 

Your Recycled garments will come out of the closet and they will give you years of pleasure for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new wardrobe.